Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A home for my knickers...

If you have pretty knickers. And, by coincedence...i have made some pretty knickers (i won't count the unfortuante ones that inhabit my real knicker drawer)...then you must have a pretty bag to put them in.

They are a bit garish and bold, but they were based on an over the top theme which was carnival, although i think i may have to start learning the term 'less is more'!
They are drawstring so that you can swish them over your shoulder and take them wherever you may please!

The red bag is embroidered with an Amaya machine. I designed the green flower from a doilie. Actually thinking about it, i love doilies...i think i need to attempt to make some modern ones...if only i knew where to start!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Rob Ryan Love...

I love love love love Rob Ryan. No really.

His work is so beautiful and romantic and i could gaze at it forever.

My little sister has bought me his book after a massive hint (which involved taking her to the shelf in the bookshop and pointing at it) for my birthday in July, although i'm still yet to receive it.... probably for the best, as i will get lost in the beautifulness of his little poems and fairytales...
And if all this beautifulness (is that a word?) wasn't enough, Tatty devine (my fave jewellery shop) have gone and collaborated with Mr Ryan and made some beautiful necklaces. If only i was rich enough to afford them... HINT HINT x

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Little purse love

Whenever i get an inspiration block...which is often...i always sit and make a purse (or a cover button). They are small and cute and in general, always end up looking nice, i guess because you can hide mistakes on small things!!

Whilst still in the unboxing process of moving house, i am still finding a random button here, a little purse there.

So here are a few of my little purses and i am finding dispersed about the place...i am sure i will find more when i finally get round to finishing the piles of bags and boxes. They are currently occupying my bath. ( I have a shower as well, just so you know that i am keeping myself clean while being lazy)

Am i the only one who takes weeks to unbox? It's just so boring!

This below one combines purse and cover button....i must have been having a mega inspiration block.

Must dash, i am being bugged to get dressed out of my pj's...(and unpack some boxes) x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

In my dreams...

I am sorry to have to do it this way.
I don't know how else to tell you.

Dan, I have found another love. A love that i have been dreaming about for 4 days non-stop.

This beautiful vision is from Dazed Dorothy, and i can't stop staring at it.

Please buy it for me.
It will not just be 'another' one of my bags. It will sit next to my pillow and we can share the love together. I know in time, you will come to love and desire it as much as i do xx

Monday, 15 September 2008

Hidden treasures

Don't you just hate moving house.
There is nothing worse than bringing to light how much junk you have!

Dan: Do u really need to keep that?
Lou: Oh but that reminds me of that party/that holiday...etc etc
Dan: It's a stone/napkin/broken necklace, throw it away!

I have far too many boxes of things i haven't looked at in a long while and definitely far too much of things i don't need! But sometime's you find some treasures!

Amongst my clutter, i found some work i did a few years ago. Some of it my final degree show work, and some work that i did for an exhibition.

Ooo, it brought back some memories! And it also reminded me that i have some talent hidden in there...even if i do say so myself!

I had kicked myself so many times for not trying harder at uni, for not staying in and working that bit longer (instead of drinking far too much beer), and not getting top marks, but when i look at all of these, i feel a little sense of glee. I can make beautiful things when i put my mind to it!

So i thought i would 'exhibit' again! Here you go world, these are my treasures amongst my junk...
For my final show i made knickers! Easy to make i thought (oh how silly of me!)
These pink frillies took me forever to make. I was new to making garments, and went in completely blind!

Around the waist are hundreds of little pink sequins that took me hours to sew on!
These stripey lovelies are reversible (striped or pink), depending on which look you are going for (not on how clean you are!!).
The little flowers are brooches that pin to the back or anywhere you please!

The belt removes and can be used on the pink side too! Ooo i feel like i'm on a sales pitch!

The green ones in the background drew some gasps from my class when i showed them! I was addicted to making covered buttons and needed an excuse to make lots! These were the result hee hee!

Well thats about enough eye candy for me today! I have lots of other little things to show but i will save those for another day!

Toodle pip! x