Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's all about me

A few weeks ago, i stumbled upon backtack. I have seen quite a few swaps going on, but never sure whether to enter.

'Evil' subconcious with his little red horns and sharp poky fork is sitting on my left shoulder saying "no no no, you are just not good enough, people won't want to receive anything from yooou!"

But I was strong. Me and 'good' subconcious with her flowing blond hair and glittery alexander mcqueen handbag, sitting on my right shoulder said "yes, give it a go. Make some bloggy friends, and see what you can do"

And so, here I am, sitting reading my email to tell me i have a back tack partner, and there is no backing out now...eeek!

I am just very excited now, but nervous too. 6 weeks to make three things! Big eeek! I am so fluttery and away with the fairies, i just don't know how i will achieve it!

And i have visited my partners site (hello Rebecca!), and have learnt so much about her already (and how cute little Gioia is)! Her blog is so lovely, and informative and creative.

Hopefully, after a few months, i hope i can get my writing skills up to par and divulge a bit of my sometimes slightly mundane (9-5) but also slightly bizarre world.

Which brings me on to me.

I haven't has this blog long, and have been so proccupied with adding little things that i have made, that i have barely made time to tell everyone about me!

Well here short...
I'm 27 going on 12, I live in Leeds, UK where it is cold, & where i rarely see the sun...booo. I moved oooop here 6 years ago when i started university. I met my beautiful boyfriend, and now there is no going back down south without him. (He is Yorkshire through and through, and he just couldn't handle mingling with the soft south...hmmmm)

I work in fashion, although not designing, so when I come home, i take my creative frustration out on fabric or food. I love to cook and bake(although not too well!) and love sewing and embroidering small bright 'things'.

Through work I am learning Mandarin, which i love and bug Dan constantly by attempting to speak to him in this strange language (He ignores me, and carries on watching tv)!

Every Tuesday, I have a craft night with my friend Gemma, which involves her knitting, and me looking at my fabric and trying to think of what to make, whilst we talk about food (we like it), men (they are stupid), babies (one day) and our plan to take over the world with our crafting abilities (hmm).
So that is a little about me.
Here is my vow.
I promise to at least once a month tell everyone what exciting and riveting things have happened to me recently. I promise.

Thats enough from me, phew, enough talking already. Toodlepip x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Russian Doll love

The other day I was in the mood to make something. What, i don't know.

My sister has a lovely collection of funky russian dolls and it inspired me to create.

The idea was to make a set, from large to small, filled with lavender, however, after my first attempt, i still wasn't happy...and 2nd attempt...still not happy.

So this week, i may try my third attempt. And if i'm happy, move on to a smaller version.

I just can't get the curves right, around her neck. The seams just seam to pull and twist and look distorted. Any ideas?

But anyway, here they are, where they have been keeping my assortment of underwear smelling nice...

(By the way, little miss turqoise is 1st attempt, and little miss red riding hood is 2nd attempt)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Oh My God, I am so excited by my new book by Betz White that has been delivered to me at work today. I know i should be doing work, and not reading about felting but i'm a geek.

I also know that i am pretty slow on the uptake with this book, as i have read about how many people love it.
I love Betz's Blog too, but I am going to 'attempt' to make my stuff as pretty as hers!

I am just so bloomin excited.

I have a feeling that Dan's knitted sweaters may 'unfortuantely' and 'unexpectantly' be shrunk and felted in the wash. (Serves him right for letting me do his washing, i say.)