Wednesday, 24 November 2010


so there is another reason that I have been a rubbish blogger, as well as decorating (crappy excuse)
I'm pleased to introduce you to my (1st) little kicky, wiggly bean, due in March, we are very excited!
So we haven't been completely lazy, we've been baby making dontcha know!

I am sewing though, I promise. Not that I need to defend myself, but I need to convince myself to blog more often!
I will. On maternity leave. Because on maternity leave, its just like a holiday, right?! Okay, I'd better stop dreaming...

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Doing fun things and avoiding boring things...

I know, i'm rubbish. August! As if that was the last time I posted!

Well, I do have an excuse. We have been decorating. Although you would have thought we would have a finished house (or at least a finished room) by now...but ohhhh nooooo.

You see, decorating isn't my thing. I kind of just stand there with a hammer/sand paper/ screwdriver looking gormless, staring in to space, whilst Dan does all the boy work.
Cos thats his thing.
My thing, is to start sewing projects and not finish them.

Here is a list of things I have started and not finished.
I also have no digital camera (it got broken during the move) so I can only secretly steal the work camera and take photos under my desk. And the lighting under the desk isn't too good.

So here's a snippet of what will be the bears...

Here is a snippet of what I want my house to look like...
....but it doesn't. Big reason being that I just stand there and look gormless.
It actually looks like this:

Friday, 14 August 2009

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spring Break

I have been having a little bit of a you may have noticed...

I always seem to be very busy in the Spring, although it doesn't seem that I have done anything differently than usual.

Very excitingly, me and Dan are buying our first house, and i'm very wrapped up in preparing, packing, signing a million forms, and mentally decorating every room. Of course, i can not afford to actually decorate any of it, but I can dream..
I am kind of liking the mis-match of the fabrics from Osbourne & Little although i need to find a much much cheaper alternative!
I have been visiting every local auction and charity shop searching out little bargains.

My most recent being a Lloyd Loom blanket box and chair. I was extremely excited when I researched the chair and found out it was called a 'Louise' chair! It was fate.

I have also bought some beautiful kitchen items including a pretty china cake stand and tea set. Even if I am not least I can pretend.

I will post the photos soon (taken with my new camera from an auction), as Dan doesn't appreciate the prettiness as much as you guys will!

So whilst mentally decorating, I think the new Amy Butler Software will come in very handy...the items look gorgeous. Whether I can actually create them is another thing.

I know I really should be spending the money on solicitors etc, but this is much more fun.

Also for any northerners (or pretend northeners like me), I have just come across a great looking craft fair in Sheffield for July, which i plan to attend and probably spend yet more money...

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Oh Dear...

Oh my...

Oh my...

Oh my!Savings account - nil, Ribbons Galore - one.

I dare you to try and not spend anything...

Monday, 23 February 2009

Bug love

Back down south where I come from, in a little town I grew up in is Tring Zoological Museum.
Growing up, we all seemed to think this museum was normal.
However, on meeting out of town folk, maybe this Museum isn't so normal! You see, this museum is full of stuffed dead animals. Hundreds of them.

Back in Victorian times, Lord Rothschild felt it would be a good idea to go hunt, kill and stuff everything.

I mean everything. Elephants, Polar Bears, Tigers, Birds, Dogs and Fish.

Now although this may seem a bit wrong...okay very wrong, some of this stuff if actually quite cool and interesting. Especially the cabinets and cabinets full of bugs and butterflies.It even has fleas in clothes, I kid you not. (I won't subject you to them but here's a pic if you are really gross)
I dreamt about it last night, and now i'm having a bit of bug love. It's probably just a fleeting fancy and the bug love will pass in a couple of days. (I would also like to point out that I never ever ever feel Bug Love when said bugs are in my house)

But this evening I have been working on yes, you guessed it, felt. I'm still loving the felt.

Yes that's right, I was even organised to sketch it first (like a five yr old, I might add) and didn't just go at it freestyley like I normally do.
So I don't know where this will take me...but watch this space.

On another note, I though I would update you on some thing I was working on during Christmas. For once I wasn't just sitting eating massive tins of chocs. I managed to sew too...whilst wedging the tin of chocs under one arm.

These were meant to on a diary cover, but as usual I never got round to finishing it. So it's not finished and sitting in a pile of other unfinished things.
There goes one of my New Years Resolutions ay?
Toodle loo for now x