Thursday, 11 December 2008

I need these...

That's right, not want, I need!

Shame I spent all my wages on Christmas presents and food!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mushroom crazy

I think I might be going a bit mushroom crazy.
Maybe it's because it's cold and damp.
Maybe it's because I have been having them in almost every meal this week.

Whatever it is, I'm liking the look of them. However, the kind i like the look of are the ones that fairies live in. The one's that don't actually exist.

I'm also going a bit felt crazy. After my recent swap, I am loving using it. Its so easy to use. No fraying, no neatness needed (perfect for me).

I have had these handbag clasps laying about for ages and was wondering what to do with them, so this was a bit of an experiment. It's not finished yet, but here's a glimpse anyway.
I'm thinking of getting a chain handle that clips on and clips off. (Anyone know where i can get them?)
The clasp opens and there is another mini purse attached inside. I still haven't got the hang of these clasps with the glueing but I'm sure it will come to me in time!
I felt it needed something else. Less is more is not a concept i use often.

So I thought I would make a charm to hang off of it. This is my effort! It's abuot 5cm high.
I think it's too big though. So maybe it will be a keyring. Or maybe a pin cushion. or maybe I will use it as a charm.
As always, I can never decide on which one to do!
Also on the mushroom front, I'm a bit in love with these. So cute. (Click on the pic for the link to them on Etsy)

Bye for now x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

My back tack craftiness...

I have had such a lovely but busy weekend, seeing friends, new and old and getting more and more excited about christmas.

I have been crafty too...flitting from one project to the next, getting bored with one, and starting another, nothing new for me. (I will update you on them in a couple of days)
So I was very surprised that I managed to finish a swap and send gifts that were actually finished!

I know I have been talking about this swap for a while now, but it's my first, so i'm a bit bit giddy about the whole thing!
I can now show you some of what I made...I hope you like? (Please excuse the millions of photos!)

Above and below is my christmas tag. I made some cover buttons for Rebecca to use on her own craft projects.

Frankincense - Something sensory

Meet Xiao Hou zi - little Monkey. She was not happy about having her photo taken, as you can see.

Frankincense needed to be sensory, so she jingles and jangles when you shake her!

Gold - Something sparkly

Gold was a tricky one for me. It had to sparkle (obviously) but I just wasn't sure how to portray it.

I wanted something that wasn't just christmassy, and could be used all year round.

My final idea was a diary and address book with just a little sparkle.

Diary An autumn (or fall for non british folks) tree with gold heart leaves

A little gold heart bookmark (opened on my birthday just so you know hint hint hee hee)

Address Book

Silver Heart flowers, I think you can just about see them...

Myrhh - a gift for your 'swapee'

Well, well i forgot to take photos. Wow, i amaze myself at how dopey I am sometimes.

But it was a wreath, made from fabric flowers. This was the one that caused me nightmares...i just hope it made it okay to Rebecca without falling apart. I will ask her to send me photos!

Well, it's late and I must get ready for the oncoming week of work *stamps feet and has a tantrum*, until my next post, toodle looo x

Monday, 1 December 2008

Another BackTack Sneak Peak...

Rebecca has now received her parcel, but won't be opening it until she sends i still can't show you what i made, just incase it ruins her surprise...!
But here's another sneak peak...

Silly me also forgot to take a photo of the last gift as I was in such a rush to send it.

There is a reason I am blonde.

Ta ta for now x

Thursday, 27 November 2008

A gift from the fairies

Yesterday I got to work late.
Not because I woke up late.
And not because I couldn't decide what to wear.
No, i was late because i received a parcel from someone.

Three Kitchen Fairies had a little giveaway, and I won! I never win anything. No really. I never do.

So when I received this parcel, I was very excited.
In my parcel was a lovely bag..and also some lovely extra goodies which was so sweet of her to send.

And so I sat on my bed in my towel and read the magazine (one of the goodies) and ate sweets.
I then realised it was ten to nine and I wasn't dressed and no where near work eeeek! Commence mad panic...and dash to work...

So here is a pic of my lovely new bag (sorry Paloma, i stole the pic from your blog as the poor winter light makes very poor photographs!)

I'm posting off my backtack swap tomorrow (I managed to fix the 'kind of broken' one), then I can post the photos in a few days for you all to see.

I'm off to bed now, nighty night, and I hope you have all enjoyed your thanksgiving for all of you that celebrate.*
*I'm kind of jealous that we don't celebrate this!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Louise's Sunday Ramble

Well, I am finally at the last stage of the swap. Phew!

My final gift to make, I thought would take an hour or so to finish off...oh how wrong i was. It kinda fell apart and now me and dan are all fingers and thumbs putting it back together.
I wish i could show you the photo so you could see what i mean...but i can't!
So i am really hoping it will be okay to post out tomorrow eeek!

Whilst browsing through blogs I realised that I had been tagged by Mimi!
Mimi love paints the loveliest pictures and embroiders on to them. I have one of her postcards of cow which is great, go check her out!
So it was almost a month ago that I was tagged, so it seems i need to update you on 7 facts about myself. Here are the rules.
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write seven little known facts about yourself.
4. Tag seven people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

1. I am allergic to Lobster. No swollen faces or rashes...oh no, Lobster helps me make friends with the toilet and give it a hug. (U prob didn't want to know that)

2. I bite my nails. Don't think I will ever stop, i've tried everything.

3. I'm majorly scared of fireworks, much to everyones amusement. For two weeks either side of Nov 5th, i constantly have my fingers in my ears and hide myself away in the house.

4. I have 3 sisters (aged 15, 18 and 31) and i'm in the middle. Being a middle child is meant to make you more calm and less prone to arguments. It's kind of true.
I miss them loads as they live 3 hours away.

5. I have a scar on my left eyebrow. I was told recently that scars on eyebrows are really common so maybe i'm not that special. Mine was from playing hide and seek and running in to a toilet seat. ( I would like to point out that I was 4, and not 27!)

6. I am learning Chinese - Mandarin at work. Ni hao, ni hao ma? Wo bu shi hen hao. Wo yao qiao ke li* That's as much as I can muster today.

Hello, how are you? I am not good. I need chocolate.

7. My dream is to have my own business, work at home, grow veg, have babies, and bake cakes...oh and win the lottery. Until then 9-5 calls.
So now to tag some people back.
These are people that I check out nearly every day and enjoy so much. Some are old and some are newbies like me. Please go and check them out!

So that is my Sunday ramble.
Oh and just before i leave. Check out my friends little shop on Folksy.
She has made me couple of necklaces now and they are real little statement pieces.

I have this one...

This is what she makes on our weekly crafts nights, whilst I look at my fabric and wonder what to make...
ciao for now xx

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

There once was a mouldy cactus...

As I am such a great employee and colleague *cough cough*, my workmate bought me a lovely cactus. (She had previously bought me some kind of plant, but i killed it, because i am rubbish)
I nurtured my cactus, and totally ignored it like you are meant to do.
However, after a few months, it looked a bit ill. I worried and pondered.
"How can i be killing this cactus" I said?

Within a few days, it started to shrivel. Then started to go mouldy. Eeek, seriously, are the gods looking down on me and punishing me? I did not think it was possible for a cactus to go mouldy?!!
One day, I noticed that the cactus was 'swimming' in water. The soil was soaking. The culprit was the office cleaner. She thought she was helping by watering it everyday!

Within a week, the cactus had shrivelled from 6 cm to 1 cm and was officially dead.
I mourned and moaned and cursed the cleaner.

Then today, I came in to work.
Another workmate had had enough of my ranting about this bloomin cactus.

"Here you go" she said "you can not possibly kill this one".
It's so cute. I said thank you, and have my fingers crossed, and pray I can't kill it...

Monday, 17 November 2008

First swap almost finished...

Well, i have been a very busy bee, trying to finish my swap buddies goodies.

I am almost finished, although i keep changing my mind on things.

The theme was Gold, Frankincense and Myrh. I think I have kind of stuck to the theme...although as always, I have gone a bit off track!!

Dan mentioned yesterday "I wonder what you will get in return?"
I had totally forgot that it was a 'swap' and that I would be gettting something back ha ha! I've been too preoccupied in creating!

Anyway, as I will be posting Rebecca's goodies by the end of the week, i thought i would have to join another swap hee hee.

Piccalilly and Blossom are arranging a 'Secret Santa' swap. Closing date is 25th November, so I hope you can all sign up! Otherwise it might be just the two of us swapping and pretending we don't know who it's from hee hee!

P.s. I just can't wait to finally put my swap goodies up on here, so hopefully you will see them next week!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Just a snippet...

Now that I have taken these photos and have loaded them on to the computer, I am dying to showcase some of my swap gifts in progress.
I am in need of a bit of feedback. I am having a bit of a mental block (or lost my crafting mojo as a fellow blogger recently wrote!)

Dan and my dad are not the best of reviewers with "Er what's it for?" and "what do you do with it?"
Pity the poor dears that don't understand art. (That's what i keep telling myself anyway)

So anyway, alas, no, i can not show anyone the start of my creations as I want them to be a surprise for Rebecca, so i'm afraid I can only preview some little thumbnails.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Just so you know...

I'm not dead, or ill, or confined to an armchair from eating too many muffins (I have been making lots of varieties lately).

No no, i am just quietly sewing, whilst catching up on the last series of Lost and preparing for my swap. As well the the mundane 9-5.

Naughty Louise, neglecting her blog.

I promise to give you a snip-it of my wares this week.

Bye for now, i'm off to eat another triple choc muffin x

Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's all about me

A few weeks ago, i stumbled upon backtack. I have seen quite a few swaps going on, but never sure whether to enter.

'Evil' subconcious with his little red horns and sharp poky fork is sitting on my left shoulder saying "no no no, you are just not good enough, people won't want to receive anything from yooou!"

But I was strong. Me and 'good' subconcious with her flowing blond hair and glittery alexander mcqueen handbag, sitting on my right shoulder said "yes, give it a go. Make some bloggy friends, and see what you can do"

And so, here I am, sitting reading my email to tell me i have a back tack partner, and there is no backing out now...eeek!

I am just very excited now, but nervous too. 6 weeks to make three things! Big eeek! I am so fluttery and away with the fairies, i just don't know how i will achieve it!

And i have visited my partners site (hello Rebecca!), and have learnt so much about her already (and how cute little Gioia is)! Her blog is so lovely, and informative and creative.

Hopefully, after a few months, i hope i can get my writing skills up to par and divulge a bit of my sometimes slightly mundane (9-5) but also slightly bizarre world.

Which brings me on to me.

I haven't has this blog long, and have been so proccupied with adding little things that i have made, that i have barely made time to tell everyone about me!

Well here short...
I'm 27 going on 12, I live in Leeds, UK where it is cold, & where i rarely see the sun...booo. I moved oooop here 6 years ago when i started university. I met my beautiful boyfriend, and now there is no going back down south without him. (He is Yorkshire through and through, and he just couldn't handle mingling with the soft south...hmmmm)

I work in fashion, although not designing, so when I come home, i take my creative frustration out on fabric or food. I love to cook and bake(although not too well!) and love sewing and embroidering small bright 'things'.

Through work I am learning Mandarin, which i love and bug Dan constantly by attempting to speak to him in this strange language (He ignores me, and carries on watching tv)!

Every Tuesday, I have a craft night with my friend Gemma, which involves her knitting, and me looking at my fabric and trying to think of what to make, whilst we talk about food (we like it), men (they are stupid), babies (one day) and our plan to take over the world with our crafting abilities (hmm).
So that is a little about me.
Here is my vow.
I promise to at least once a month tell everyone what exciting and riveting things have happened to me recently. I promise.

Thats enough from me, phew, enough talking already. Toodlepip x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Russian Doll love

The other day I was in the mood to make something. What, i don't know.

My sister has a lovely collection of funky russian dolls and it inspired me to create.

The idea was to make a set, from large to small, filled with lavender, however, after my first attempt, i still wasn't happy...and 2nd attempt...still not happy.

So this week, i may try my third attempt. And if i'm happy, move on to a smaller version.

I just can't get the curves right, around her neck. The seams just seam to pull and twist and look distorted. Any ideas?

But anyway, here they are, where they have been keeping my assortment of underwear smelling nice...

(By the way, little miss turqoise is 1st attempt, and little miss red riding hood is 2nd attempt)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Oh My God, I am so excited by my new book by Betz White that has been delivered to me at work today. I know i should be doing work, and not reading about felting but i'm a geek.

I also know that i am pretty slow on the uptake with this book, as i have read about how many people love it.
I love Betz's Blog too, but I am going to 'attempt' to make my stuff as pretty as hers!

I am just so bloomin excited.

I have a feeling that Dan's knitted sweaters may 'unfortuantely' and 'unexpectantly' be shrunk and felted in the wash. (Serves him right for letting me do his washing, i say.)

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A home for my knickers...

If you have pretty knickers. And, by coincedence...i have made some pretty knickers (i won't count the unfortuante ones that inhabit my real knicker drawer)...then you must have a pretty bag to put them in.

They are a bit garish and bold, but they were based on an over the top theme which was carnival, although i think i may have to start learning the term 'less is more'!
They are drawstring so that you can swish them over your shoulder and take them wherever you may please!

The red bag is embroidered with an Amaya machine. I designed the green flower from a doilie. Actually thinking about it, i love doilies...i think i need to attempt to make some modern ones...if only i knew where to start!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Rob Ryan Love...

I love love love love Rob Ryan. No really.

His work is so beautiful and romantic and i could gaze at it forever.

My little sister has bought me his book after a massive hint (which involved taking her to the shelf in the bookshop and pointing at it) for my birthday in July, although i'm still yet to receive it.... probably for the best, as i will get lost in the beautifulness of his little poems and fairytales...
And if all this beautifulness (is that a word?) wasn't enough, Tatty devine (my fave jewellery shop) have gone and collaborated with Mr Ryan and made some beautiful necklaces. If only i was rich enough to afford them... HINT HINT x

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Little purse love

Whenever i get an inspiration block...which is often...i always sit and make a purse (or a cover button). They are small and cute and in general, always end up looking nice, i guess because you can hide mistakes on small things!!

Whilst still in the unboxing process of moving house, i am still finding a random button here, a little purse there.

So here are a few of my little purses and i am finding dispersed about the place...i am sure i will find more when i finally get round to finishing the piles of bags and boxes. They are currently occupying my bath. ( I have a shower as well, just so you know that i am keeping myself clean while being lazy)

Am i the only one who takes weeks to unbox? It's just so boring!

This below one combines purse and cover button....i must have been having a mega inspiration block.

Must dash, i am being bugged to get dressed out of my pj's...(and unpack some boxes) x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

In my dreams...

I am sorry to have to do it this way.
I don't know how else to tell you.

Dan, I have found another love. A love that i have been dreaming about for 4 days non-stop.

This beautiful vision is from Dazed Dorothy, and i can't stop staring at it.

Please buy it for me.
It will not just be 'another' one of my bags. It will sit next to my pillow and we can share the love together. I know in time, you will come to love and desire it as much as i do xx

Monday, 15 September 2008

Hidden treasures

Don't you just hate moving house.
There is nothing worse than bringing to light how much junk you have!

Dan: Do u really need to keep that?
Lou: Oh but that reminds me of that party/that holiday...etc etc
Dan: It's a stone/napkin/broken necklace, throw it away!

I have far too many boxes of things i haven't looked at in a long while and definitely far too much of things i don't need! But sometime's you find some treasures!

Amongst my clutter, i found some work i did a few years ago. Some of it my final degree show work, and some work that i did for an exhibition.

Ooo, it brought back some memories! And it also reminded me that i have some talent hidden in there...even if i do say so myself!

I had kicked myself so many times for not trying harder at uni, for not staying in and working that bit longer (instead of drinking far too much beer), and not getting top marks, but when i look at all of these, i feel a little sense of glee. I can make beautiful things when i put my mind to it!

So i thought i would 'exhibit' again! Here you go world, these are my treasures amongst my junk...
For my final show i made knickers! Easy to make i thought (oh how silly of me!)
These pink frillies took me forever to make. I was new to making garments, and went in completely blind!

Around the waist are hundreds of little pink sequins that took me hours to sew on!
These stripey lovelies are reversible (striped or pink), depending on which look you are going for (not on how clean you are!!).
The little flowers are brooches that pin to the back or anywhere you please!

The belt removes and can be used on the pink side too! Ooo i feel like i'm on a sales pitch!

The green ones in the background drew some gasps from my class when i showed them! I was addicted to making covered buttons and needed an excuse to make lots! These were the result hee hee!

Well thats about enough eye candy for me today! I have lots of other little things to show but i will save those for another day!

Toodle pip! x