Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A home for my knickers...

If you have pretty knickers. And, by coincedence...i have made some pretty knickers (i won't count the unfortuante ones that inhabit my real knicker drawer)...then you must have a pretty bag to put them in.

They are a bit garish and bold, but they were based on an over the top theme which was carnival, although i think i may have to start learning the term 'less is more'!
They are drawstring so that you can swish them over your shoulder and take them wherever you may please!

The red bag is embroidered with an Amaya machine. I designed the green flower from a doilie. Actually thinking about it, i love doilies...i think i need to attempt to make some modern ones...if only i knew where to start!

1 comment:

wonderwoman said...

they are sooo cute and very beautifully made!