Monday, 29 September 2008

Rob Ryan Love...

I love love love love Rob Ryan. No really.

His work is so beautiful and romantic and i could gaze at it forever.

My little sister has bought me his book after a massive hint (which involved taking her to the shelf in the bookshop and pointing at it) for my birthday in July, although i'm still yet to receive it.... probably for the best, as i will get lost in the beautifulness of his little poems and fairytales...
And if all this beautifulness (is that a word?) wasn't enough, Tatty devine (my fave jewellery shop) have gone and collaborated with Mr Ryan and made some beautiful necklaces. If only i was rich enough to afford them... HINT HINT x


wonderwoman said...

hi louise - thanks for stopping by my blog - sorry it was a bit of a moany one!!
i just love that necklace its gorgeous!


Louise said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by back!
Yes, the necklace is gorgeous, it's just a shame that its £210 eeek! x