Sunday, 21 September 2008

Little purse love

Whenever i get an inspiration block...which is often...i always sit and make a purse (or a cover button). They are small and cute and in general, always end up looking nice, i guess because you can hide mistakes on small things!!

Whilst still in the unboxing process of moving house, i am still finding a random button here, a little purse there.

So here are a few of my little purses and i am finding dispersed about the place...i am sure i will find more when i finally get round to finishing the piles of bags and boxes. They are currently occupying my bath. ( I have a shower as well, just so you know that i am keeping myself clean while being lazy)

Am i the only one who takes weeks to unbox? It's just so boring!

This below one combines purse and cover button....i must have been having a mega inspiration block.

Must dash, i am being bugged to get dressed out of my pj's...(and unpack some boxes) x

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