Thursday, 11 February 2010

Doing fun things and avoiding boring things...

I know, i'm rubbish. August! As if that was the last time I posted!

Well, I do have an excuse. We have been decorating. Although you would have thought we would have a finished house (or at least a finished room) by now...but ohhhh nooooo.

You see, decorating isn't my thing. I kind of just stand there with a hammer/sand paper/ screwdriver looking gormless, staring in to space, whilst Dan does all the boy work.
Cos thats his thing.
My thing, is to start sewing projects and not finish them.

Here is a list of things I have started and not finished.
I also have no digital camera (it got broken during the move) so I can only secretly steal the work camera and take photos under my desk. And the lighting under the desk isn't too good.

So here's a snippet of what will be the bears...

Here is a snippet of what I want my house to look like...
....but it doesn't. Big reason being that I just stand there and look gormless.
It actually looks like this: