Monday, 6 October 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Oh My God, I am so excited by my new book by Betz White that has been delivered to me at work today. I know i should be doing work, and not reading about felting but i'm a geek.

I also know that i am pretty slow on the uptake with this book, as i have read about how many people love it.
I love Betz's Blog too, but I am going to 'attempt' to make my stuff as pretty as hers!

I am just so bloomin excited.

I have a feeling that Dan's knitted sweaters may 'unfortuantely' and 'unexpectantly' be shrunk and felted in the wash. (Serves him right for letting me do his washing, i say.)

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wonderwoman said...

oooo - that looks like fun - i love felting knits!