Thursday, 27 November 2008

A gift from the fairies

Yesterday I got to work late.
Not because I woke up late.
And not because I couldn't decide what to wear.
No, i was late because i received a parcel from someone.

Three Kitchen Fairies had a little giveaway, and I won! I never win anything. No really. I never do.

So when I received this parcel, I was very excited.
In my parcel was a lovely bag..and also some lovely extra goodies which was so sweet of her to send.

And so I sat on my bed in my towel and read the magazine (one of the goodies) and ate sweets.
I then realised it was ten to nine and I wasn't dressed and no where near work eeeek! Commence mad panic...and dash to work...

So here is a pic of my lovely new bag (sorry Paloma, i stole the pic from your blog as the poor winter light makes very poor photographs!)

I'm posting off my backtack swap tomorrow (I managed to fix the 'kind of broken' one), then I can post the photos in a few days for you all to see.

I'm off to bed now, nighty night, and I hope you have all enjoyed your thanksgiving for all of you that celebrate.*
*I'm kind of jealous that we don't celebrate this!


Paloma said...

I'm happy that the parcel finally made it!! enjoy!!
I'm off to eat some turkey...

wonderwoman said...

hey well done you - how lovely to win such a gorgeous prize!