Tuesday, 18 November 2008

There once was a mouldy cactus...

As I am such a great employee and colleague *cough cough*, my workmate bought me a lovely cactus. (She had previously bought me some kind of plant, but i killed it, because i am rubbish)
I nurtured my cactus, and totally ignored it like you are meant to do.
However, after a few months, it looked a bit ill. I worried and pondered.
"How can i be killing this cactus" I said?

Within a few days, it started to shrivel. Then started to go mouldy. Eeek, seriously, are the gods looking down on me and punishing me? I did not think it was possible for a cactus to go mouldy?!!
One day, I noticed that the cactus was 'swimming' in water. The soil was soaking. The culprit was the office cleaner. She thought she was helping by watering it everyday!

Within a week, the cactus had shrivelled from 6 cm to 1 cm and was officially dead.
I mourned and moaned and cursed the cleaner.

Then today, I came in to work.
Another workmate had had enough of my ranting about this bloomin cactus.

"Here you go" she said "you can not possibly kill this one".
It's so cute. I said thank you, and have my fingers crossed, and pray I can't kill it...


wonderwoman said...

that is such a sweet little cactus - does it have a name!!! i think this one might survive your cleaning lady!!!


Genius idea! Bless the cleaning lady........:)

lou said...

I hope this one survives the
cleaning lady!!!!

Very cute! xxx

Alex Mason said...

Love your cactus....these are the sort of plants i need.


Anonymous said...

you are quite a stoty teller, LOL.
your new cactus is so cute with out counting that it has the secret of eternal life...