Monday, 17 November 2008

First swap almost finished...

Well, i have been a very busy bee, trying to finish my swap buddies goodies.

I am almost finished, although i keep changing my mind on things.

The theme was Gold, Frankincense and Myrh. I think I have kind of stuck to the theme...although as always, I have gone a bit off track!!

Dan mentioned yesterday "I wonder what you will get in return?"
I had totally forgot that it was a 'swap' and that I would be gettting something back ha ha! I've been too preoccupied in creating!

Anyway, as I will be posting Rebecca's goodies by the end of the week, i thought i would have to join another swap hee hee.

Piccalilly and Blossom are arranging a 'Secret Santa' swap. Closing date is 25th November, so I hope you can all sign up! Otherwise it might be just the two of us swapping and pretending we don't know who it's from hee hee!

P.s. I just can't wait to finally put my swap goodies up on here, so hopefully you will see them next week!


lou said...

It sounds like you have had fun! good luck with finishing it. xx

paloma said...

I think giving much more fun than receiving...that's why you forgot you will receiving something soon.
It seems like you are having fun with the back tack swap.