Sunday, 7 December 2008

My back tack craftiness...

I have had such a lovely but busy weekend, seeing friends, new and old and getting more and more excited about christmas.

I have been crafty too...flitting from one project to the next, getting bored with one, and starting another, nothing new for me. (I will update you on them in a couple of days)
So I was very surprised that I managed to finish a swap and send gifts that were actually finished!

I know I have been talking about this swap for a while now, but it's my first, so i'm a bit bit giddy about the whole thing!
I can now show you some of what I made...I hope you like? (Please excuse the millions of photos!)

Above and below is my christmas tag. I made some cover buttons for Rebecca to use on her own craft projects.

Frankincense - Something sensory

Meet Xiao Hou zi - little Monkey. She was not happy about having her photo taken, as you can see.

Frankincense needed to be sensory, so she jingles and jangles when you shake her!

Gold - Something sparkly

Gold was a tricky one for me. It had to sparkle (obviously) but I just wasn't sure how to portray it.

I wanted something that wasn't just christmassy, and could be used all year round.

My final idea was a diary and address book with just a little sparkle.

Diary An autumn (or fall for non british folks) tree with gold heart leaves

A little gold heart bookmark (opened on my birthday just so you know hint hint hee hee)

Address Book

Silver Heart flowers, I think you can just about see them...

Myrhh - a gift for your 'swapee'

Well, well i forgot to take photos. Wow, i amaze myself at how dopey I am sometimes.

But it was a wreath, made from fabric flowers. This was the one that caused me nightmares...i just hope it made it okay to Rebecca without falling apart. I will ask her to send me photos!

Well, it's late and I must get ready for the oncoming week of work *stamps feet and has a tantrum*, until my next post, toodle looo x

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Paloma said...

Wow!! Rebecca is so lucky to receive such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. The buttons are so cute...By the way, your Secret Santa is on its way!!