Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mushroom crazy

I think I might be going a bit mushroom crazy.
Maybe it's because it's cold and damp.
Maybe it's because I have been having them in almost every meal this week.

Whatever it is, I'm liking the look of them. However, the kind i like the look of are the ones that fairies live in. The one's that don't actually exist.

I'm also going a bit felt crazy. After my recent swap, I am loving using it. Its so easy to use. No fraying, no neatness needed (perfect for me).

I have had these handbag clasps laying about for ages and was wondering what to do with them, so this was a bit of an experiment. It's not finished yet, but here's a glimpse anyway.
I'm thinking of getting a chain handle that clips on and clips off. (Anyone know where i can get them?)
The clasp opens and there is another mini purse attached inside. I still haven't got the hang of these clasps with the glueing but I'm sure it will come to me in time!
I felt it needed something else. Less is more is not a concept i use often.

So I thought I would make a charm to hang off of it. This is my effort! It's abuot 5cm high.
I think it's too big though. So maybe it will be a keyring. Or maybe a pin cushion. or maybe I will use it as a charm.
As always, I can never decide on which one to do!
Also on the mushroom front, I'm a bit in love with these. So cute. (Click on the pic for the link to them on Etsy)

Bye for now x


hens teeth said...

Hello Lou,
Great to hear from you.
Your handbag purse is wonderful. I love the fairy mushrooms myself.
By the way the Manchester Mania Fair is this coming weekend. It sounds like it could be worthwhile going to.

paloma said...

Mushroom fairies...those are the best. I have seen them in fairy books. Your mushrooms look very much like those, so cute and practical in the purse.

Frosk said...

Those are the cutest mushrooms ever!

mimilove forever said...

...ahem...there's not muchroom in there...ahem...

(Sorry but it had to be done!)

...Top fungi missus! x;0)