Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spring Break

I have been having a little bit of a you may have noticed...

I always seem to be very busy in the Spring, although it doesn't seem that I have done anything differently than usual.

Very excitingly, me and Dan are buying our first house, and i'm very wrapped up in preparing, packing, signing a million forms, and mentally decorating every room. Of course, i can not afford to actually decorate any of it, but I can dream..
I am kind of liking the mis-match of the fabrics from Osbourne & Little although i need to find a much much cheaper alternative!
I have been visiting every local auction and charity shop searching out little bargains.

My most recent being a Lloyd Loom blanket box and chair. I was extremely excited when I researched the chair and found out it was called a 'Louise' chair! It was fate.

I have also bought some beautiful kitchen items including a pretty china cake stand and tea set. Even if I am not least I can pretend.

I will post the photos soon (taken with my new camera from an auction), as Dan doesn't appreciate the prettiness as much as you guys will!

So whilst mentally decorating, I think the new Amy Butler Software will come in very handy...the items look gorgeous. Whether I can actually create them is another thing.

I know I really should be spending the money on solicitors etc, but this is much more fun.

Also for any northerners (or pretend northeners like me), I have just come across a great looking craft fair in Sheffield for July, which i plan to attend and probably spend yet more money...


wonderwoman said...

buying your first house is such a lovely special time and sooo exciting!


mimilove forever said...

whey hey! You're back..hope all's going well missus! Stuff the need soft furnishings! x:)