Sunday, 11 January 2009

New Year and back to reality...

Well, I finally thought it was time to get back to blogging after a wonderful break away. Back to reality now I guess...

I had such a lovely time during the christmas holidays, spending time with family and friends.Here I am with (from left to right) mum, big sis, littlest little sis, me, big little sis and my niece on christmas day.

It is so nice to have all of that time off to relax and see people you haven't seen in so long. Visits are normally such a rush, and new years resolution is to spend much more time with friends and family.

So Christmas and New Year was great. No arguments over Pictionary (which is amazing for us) and lots of food and drink.

I got some wonderful presents including a bread maker. I think I may be wearing it out already but it is great. If you ever buy one, i recommend it (Panasonic sd255). The bread is soo good.

I also gave some good presents, if I do say so myself, including a great Pashmina for my big sis. My big sis is definitely the posh one (the only posh one I would like to add) in the family, so the Pashmina was great. I bought it from a wonderful artist Candice Wren. Please check out her website, her pieces are really affordable too and so unique. I am particularly loving this yellow bow number which may be on my next wish list!

Said sis was very happy and wore it all day. Unfortunately, the top photo was one of the only photos I got of her all day. She is just far too posh to pose don't you know.

Bye for now x


wonderwoman said...

the pashminas are lovely! i have a breadmaker too and i love it, you can't beat the lovely smell of freshly made bread.


Frosk said...

I so wanted a breadmaker for Xmas too!
You girls are all beautiful. It's so fantastic to be with the whole family. Especially when there is no arguments! ;)

paloma said...

Lovely family, mostly us. Hey i can wait to see the mice you told me about. Show them please :)