Monday, 16 February 2009

I've been a bit AWOL

We have a lodger. Well a kind of lodger. A newly single friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed and all that.
So anyway, this means that my craft/blog room has been out of bounds for a month.
A month! Eeek!
It's been tough! I have been close to palpitations and rocking from lack of craftiness hee hee!

I have managed to create some little things in my living room, whilst driving Dan crazy with buttons and felt scattered over the couch and floor!
My friend from work has left to go travelling the world. I made her these...a little passport cover and luggage tag out of felt, although after I made them, I realised they probably wouldn't survive a backpacking trip round the world!
Please excuse the photos (this is another reason for not blogging), I hate this poor winter light and am really struggling to take good pics. If anyone has any tips for taking photos in poor light, I would love the help!!

On another completely different note, I am thinking of becoming a redhead. Well a gingery red.
I have been blonde all my life but feel that I need a change, even just for a few weeks.
But im scared. And will probably cry once it's done. But then be fine.

Dan says yes go for it.
Everyone at work says nooo! They think i'm crazy to want to be ginger, but I have always found redheads attractive.

Here are the colours I like. Whaddya think bloggy pals? I have asked everyone else, so why not you creative guys!?! p.s. I kinda like the bottom one for the photo too, very cool and great colours with the blue sky.

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mimilove forever said...

Ey up our Vera! Long time indeed! x;0)
Defo go for the gingery red...may I suggest a few bright pink streaks too for extra super funktasticyness!
Look forward to seeing results!