Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tsk tsk

I am having a lazy sunday.

This morning I ventured out towards the Yorkshire Dales. I didn't exactly get far though, although I did end up in a lovely little village called Saltaire. It has a beautiful old wool mill that is now converted in to a gallery and shops. It has been voted the UK's most unique place to visit. Hmm, i'm not so sure about that...I have definitely visited some much more 'unique' and 'bizarre' places in the UK, but that's another story.

But if you are ever visiting us oop here in t'north (wow, i think I might finally be picking up the Yorkshire lingo), then pop to Saltaire for a wander. It's where David Hockney was born don't cha know?! It had some fantastic pieces of his work there, including his fabulous photomontages....very clever.

Now I have cooked, eaten and now extremely full. I can't bring myself to get up and wash the dishes. Now is definitely rest time. Now is definitely lazy Sunday.

I have been having a little wander round blogsville and stumbled upon Tsk Tsk. The name kinda sums up what dan is saying to me tonight, as I'm not a pretty sight and just simply can't move!I'm liking her work, very cute and definitely my kinda thing. Nice, bright and simple. If you are having a lazy day like me, go check her out, come on...i've even given you the link so it only take one click! ;o)

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wonderwoman said...

sounds like a wonderful sunday! will pop on over as am intrigued!